Free CGI Script Download Sites List

Below Free CGI Script Download PHP Script Sites List

The below list Interact with the visitors that comes to your site with CGI-Scripts. CGI stands for Common Gate Interface which can be written in computer languages such as C++, but is written mainly in Perl. CGI- Scripts can make your website interactive by doing stuffs like running a poll, getting feedbacks from your visitors, making a mailing list, and other cool stuffs.

CGI-Resources A Huge archive with tons of script for everyone. Use their search engine to search for nearly any script.

ScriptSearch A very Large CGI Library on the web. It has over 5000 scripts.

FreeCode Another big Script archive

CGI City A big resource with many good and bad scripts

Matt's Script Archive Good for the beginners of  CGI- Script.

Fluid Dynamics A small archive with a couple of scripts

FreePerlCode A small site